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Helping English language learners grow and succeed  

Unlock your potential skills and learn English using innovative techniques that combine technology, pedagogy, and design for a holistic learning experience.

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Hello, I'm Nicole,

an English language tutor

based in Amsterdam and

available for online lessons.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and I'm enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge, skills, and insights with both students and teachers.

How can I help you?



Have a 15-minute chat to find out which CEFR level you are and where to begin your English language learning journey.



Discover the courses I offer and learn about my unique teaching methodology and style that incorporates innovative techniques.



Grow your English language skills with this free material. Also useful for teachers looking for new activities to teach. 


I'm available for a wide range of services including:

  • private English sessions

  • upgrading motivational letters

  • proofreading academic work

  • communication workshops

Contact me for more information:

Now, it's your turn to get the support you need to succeed in your English language learning goals.

"Nicole's teaching style was engaging and effective making the learning process and rewarding. Thanks to her guidance, I have significantly improved my language skills and feel confident using English in both personal and professional settings. I highly this teacher to anyone looking to enhance their English proficiency."

Robert Rose

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